Frequently Asked Questions


All returns and exchanges are accepted at our discretion. 

We are absolutely 100% committed to carrying out our guarantee and delivery of top-notch quality garments that are specifically made for you. The production of a custom garment is intended to be a collaboration of what we as tailors agree to be the most proper fit for you and your own specific requests regarding fit and style.  


We understand that garments change over time along with the bodies underneath them.  Because we fully stand behind our garments and take great pride in our clients wearing them, we offer minor adjustments up to 3 months after a suit is created and presented to you.  Minor adjustments include and are limited to coat waist reductions/expansions up to 1", pant waist & seat reduction/expansions up to 1", thigh reduction/expansions up to 1", and hem adjustments to add or take away length.

General Care:

As far as construction and quality maintenance goes, we offer the best product we can for the price we charge.  A suit will encounter natural wear over time due to the degree of use.  We always recommend seldom dry-cleaning after heavy uses only if the garment is stained or soiled.  Remember, the less a garment is dry-cleaned, the longer life the fibers will have.  The natural oils in the cloth are slightly removed each time chemicals are administered to the garment, which ultimately weaken the cloth and takes away from the natural heavy drape that luxurious cloths tend to possess. 

Production time guarantee:

While we do quote a timeline range of 4-6 weeks for the completion of a garment, we cannot 100% guarantee an exact delivery date. Our Massachusetts partner-factory does their absolute best to stay on time regarding production deadlines, however, extraneous circumstances do occur from time to time that may slightly lengthen deadlines.  We strive to have completed garments back in our San Francisco shop at least 2 weeks prior to any event dates so that any minor adjustments will have time to be performed.  We do offer the option to rush a garment in two weeks for an additional fee if your deadline is sooner than 4 weeks away.

Social Media:

Since we are always extremely happy with our end product and often have the pleasure of creating amazingly unique garments for our clients, we feel that featuring garments on our online social media only helps us to be able to promote our product to more folks and ultimately heightens our opportunities to make better suits for more people (being a small company, we don't have a heaping marketing budget to make bunches of suits just to take photos of!)