Custom MTM Garment Process

If you would like to explore options for custom garments with Tailors' Keep (and are not yet committed to placing an order), we recommend booking a consultation appointment to explore our process and options in increased detail.

If you decide you would like to work with us on commissioning a custom suit or tuxedo, we will guide you through a 90 minute appointment taking measurements, choosing cloth, and advising on garment style details. Similarly, custom shirting appointments are roughly 30-45 minutes. It is important to note that final decisions concerning fabric, fit, style, and payment will need to be made by the end of the appointment.

Total timeline for a custom suit is seven weeks (6 weeks production, 1 week for alterations/adjustments). Production time for shirting is four weeks. After production we will have a fitting to make sure everything is up to our standards. Any adjustments needed will be performed within our on-site workshop.

Once we complete the process with either shirting or suiting and you are happy with the fit, we will save your most current measurements on-file. For future orders, you will only need to choose fabric and style details to create additional custom garments.

If after your final fitting you would like for us to ship your garments, we are happy to do so. The following rates apply: 

  • Domestic shipping Shirting: $10 

  • Domestic shipping Suiting: $30 

  • International shipping Shirting: $30 

  • International shipping Suiting: $100

In addition to MTM garments, we also offer a full-bespoke grade, with garments being 100% handmade in San Francisco. This process typically takes about 10 weeks from beginning to finish. If you would like to explore bespoke options with Tailors' Keep, please inquire at with specifics regarding the project you would like to begin.

Order Cancellation Policy

Shirting typically begins production within 24 hours of placing an order.

Suiting, coating, and trousers begin production within 48 hours of placing an order.

If production on a garment has already begun and a refund is requested, we are able to provide a 50% refund due to production costs incurred.

If you would like additional time to consider your order before committing, we are happy to delay its submission. Please bear in mind that your production timeline does not start until the order is placed.

All returns and exchanges are at our discretion. 

Following your investment

We recommend dry-cleaning as seldom as possible. Our suiting is made of natural fibers that perform best when not stripped of their oils. If the garment acquires stains that cannot be spot cleaned or begins to have an odor, we then recommend dry cleaning with naturally derived cleaning solutions.

For shirting, we recommend laundering with cold water, hanging dry and pressing, or dry cleaning. For more fitted shirts, it is important to avoid any shrinking.

Store suiting in the garment bag we provide in a dry, clean area. The addition of cedar blocks or chips in your bag can help keep moths away.

If your suit starts to show wrinkles after wear or travel, we suggest you steam it or simply hang it up in the bathroom while you shower. If it needs to be pressed, we suggest taking it to a professional. Incorrect pressing can burn or warp the fibers that comprise your suit.

We offer adjustments as part of our initial service up to 90 days after your suiting or shirting is delivered to you. If you would like additional adjustments after this time period, we will provide a 25% discount on continuing alterations to custom-made Tailors' Keep garments.

We provide high-quality alteration services for outside garments.

We specialize in altering suiting, shirting, and leather garments. We may be able to work with other garments as well by special request. We do not perform alterations on wedding gowns.

Typical turnaround for alterations services ranges 7-10 days.

If rush work is needed, please let us know your preferred completion date at the beginning of your appointment. Rush alterations are subject to additional fees upon discretion of Tailors' Keep.

If you would like to make additional changes after the alteration is complete, you must bring back the garment within 7 days of the pick-up date.  Additional costs may be applied.

Tailors' Keep is not liable for the original cost of your garment. We are 100% committed to executing the highest quality of work possible within our control. Tailors' Keep will properly advise if alterations are not possible or will have an adverse affect on the original quality of your garment.

Alterations for outside garments

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