Weddings are a special occasion for many reasons. They’re an opportunity for family and friends to witness the matrimony of two loved ones and celebrate the commitment they’ve made. But for guests, the wedding party, and the couple getting married, they’re a perfect chance to dress in a way that makes you look and feel your best.


While times are changing, the general focus is on what the women wear: the bride’s dress, the bridesmaids’ ensemble, and the elegant outfits of the guests. Of course, this is for good reason,  but what is often overlooked is what the men or women wear who stray from the classic black tuxedo and classic dress. Part of this may be because we still collectively have the timeworn image of the same style of suit.


Now, there is nothing wrong with that in and of itself, but that stereotype does not account for the shift in social perceptions of what is appropriate wedding attire, along with the wealth of new trends, styles in custom wedding suits. In a perfect storm of cultural shifts, easier access to different fabrics and colors, as well as the ability to mix and match inspirations for suits across the world at the click of a button, the options for men are simply greater than ever before. We’ll cover five of the most recent trends in styles for custom wedding suits below.


The Attire


Despite a change in accepted styles and arrangements for custom wedding suits, the tuxedo is still very much alive and well. The physical traits that distinguish the tuxedo from a regular suit is the inclusion of satin on the lapels, pocket, buttons, and the side of the pants. The tuxedo is generally accompanied by a bow tie and a cummerband (low vest).


In contrast, a formal suit does not include satin lining, and is often accompanied by a long tie and high vest. The basic rule is that if you’re looking for a more traditional look, the tuxedo is the answer. But if you’d prefer more versatility, a bespoke wedding suit may be perfect for you.


The Accessories


Custom wedding suits are never complete without a high end tie. In the past, ties were an afterthought to complete the outfit. Now, with the advent of more highly-crafted patterns and colors, they can be an integral part to the overall style of the suit.


With the classic look, a bowtie is usually the way to go because it draws attention to the face and accentuates the “V” shape that artificially broadens the shoulders and narrows the waist. Long ties are considered more acceptable for suits as opposed to tuxedos, but they allow for more flair, because you can paint vibrant colors and patterns with a wider brush.


We always believe that quality luxury ties, that utilize one-of-a-kind patterns and fabrics can add an individualistic style to any wedding fit.


The Fabric


Aside from fabric appearance, there are also new trends in fabrics being used when making custom wedding suits. Historically, tuxedos and custom suits have come in wool for cold weather, and linen, silk or polyester for warmer weather.


We’ve had a great time making bespoke wedding suits with suit jacket inlays using incredibly patterned fabrics.


The Colors


Perhaps the most noticeable shift in style for custom wedding suits in recent years has been the abundance of color. In high quality suit making, no longer are the times of restrictions to the time-honored staples of black, gray, and brown. New fearlessly donning suits in pastels and more vibrant hues are making their way into bespoke tailoring.


The Patterns


Another key change in matrimony suit styles is the openness to new patterns beyond the traditional matte look. One fabric growing in popularity is chambray, which provides a subtle, suave pattern that can bring depth and character to a suit without abandoning the reverence that matte colors command.


But the proliferation of patterns doesn’t stop at the suit itself: ties and vests are the perfect accessories to push the boundaries of tradition by adding patterns of everything from floral arrangements to paisley.


Whatever route you decide to take: traditional or on trend, vibrant or subtle, TAILORS’ KEEP offers a variety of bespoke tailoring services such as custom fitting, a lookbook, style guides, and access to a wealth of knowledge on the current bespoke tailoring landscape to help you on your journey to looking and feeling the way you want. Or, if you’re in the San Francisco area, stop by our brick and mortar!


We’ve had the pleasure of creating special, bespoke suits for men and women to wear on their special days. The unique fabrics, beautiful patterns, and a perfectly fitting suits we’ve had the joy of making have come together in ways that live long past a wedding day. See some photos of custom wedding suits on our site.