We need to talk about your hangers

For many of us, it’s all too easy to accumulate a large collection of flimsy hangars and trust that our finest garments will be secure in their twiggy grasp. You know the kind we’re talking about - the sort that spring to mind when you think about roasting marshmallows for s'mores. The same kind that your local dry-cleaners’ hand out for free. (And we mean no disrespect to dry cleaners.)

The truth is, for most people, the closet plays an important role in their lives. Some might argue the kitchen or even living room is where life happens, surrounded by food and family and television. But the closet, often overlooked, stores life all its own. 

Here, the clothes surround you. Your favorite clothes. The suit you wore to your best friends wedding. The shirt you wore to the interview that got you the job, and then the raise. The tie your father taught you how to master, and the one your fiancé got you last Christmas. 

These clothes hold memories and feelings we cherish and hold on to. Your closet encompasses your style and an intrinsic part of your identity. It knows your past, present, and future. These clothes, full of life and love, residing in a place so sacred, deserve nothing less than to be hung with care. 

Call us crazy, but we find beauty in looking after details like, yes, hangers.


The clean gleam of a copper hanger will brighten your closet, making it just as fashionable as you are, and shed light on some of those favorite forgotten pieces you somehow overlook. 

Show some love to your closet, the place where you start and often end your day.

These small things in life add up.

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