The Tailored Cocktail

It’s a sultry summer evening. You’re standing in a humid bar. Your dearest friends are laughing at a joke you just told. They’re as impeccably dressed as you are. A jazz trumpet blares brightly over the din of the small crowd. Finally, you catch the bartender’s eye.

“What are you having, friend?”

You might not realize it, but the choice you’re going to make will say something irrefutable about the sort of person you are.

Everyone has a preference. Gin, whiskey, tequila. Dry, shaken, neat. With a twist? Dirty? Bourbon or Rye?

We have our favorites, not only by choice, but because we’re all different, and we all find different ingredients heightening our palate. A cocktail is an edifice to our individuality. These spirits are cornerstones.

But what if you’re in the mood for something different? What if you’re feeling adventurous?

There are so many potential elements. So many tactile decisions to be made.

Have you considered everything?

Life is a series of small adjustments toward happiness. Tell your bartender what you liked and what you didn’t. He’ll draw from a deep well of knowledge and ingredients to help improve your experience.

It’s no wonder that drinking and suiting go so hand-in-hand. It’s why we often pour a drink for a customer before taking their measurements.

Fashion is to the eye what a cocktail is to the tongue. Express yourself. Learn what pleases you. We’re here to serve as your guides.

We’ll inform you of the cuts that are in fashion, and the materials that will best fit your needs.

But the choice; the choice is up to you.

Here’s a recipe for one of our favorite cocktails. It' s a sort of fusion between a Manhattan and an Old Fashioned. Ask for one at your next appointment. We’d be happy to craft it for you.


1.5 oz bourbon

.75 oz Dolon Blanc vermouth

.25 oz Leopoldo Bros maraschino

Bar spoon of Amaro Sibilla

-Stir all and filter into glass with orange zest.