New Styles in Custom Suits - San Francisco and Beyond

It’s out with the old and in with the new. Look dashing this wedding season by donning the latest in wedding suit fashion. The wedding is all about how the married couple both look. While most designers cater to the massive bridal wear industry, there are a few specialists out there that cater to the grooms wear market as well.

These days, just as with bridal gowns, wedding suits are seeing a change in look, style, and fit. While some classic styles will remain forever, here are a few new details you need to keep an eye out for.



Change the Color

Black has always been the go-to color for all bridegrooms. But, with so many options available to choose from, why not try something new for a change? From deep blues to smoky grays, grooms today are choosing more colorful suiting options for bespoke suits. Burgundy, earth brown, and white have continued to pop up throughout colors on the market and many grooms are experimenting with these unconventional colors.


Focus on Fabric

From tweed suits to silk waistcoats, the classic tailored wedding suit is undergoing a change. Today’s grooms have the option of mixing multiple fabrics and creating a unique suit according to their tastes. Wool is a good option, especially for winter weddings and adding texture. Cashmere is the new premium wedding suit fabric on the block, one that will provide the comfort and elegance you seek in a custom suit.

Now it’s no longer the time of monochromatic, plain suits. Give striped fabrics a try when designing a tailored shirt to create a one-of-a-kind shirt. Corduroys, while not mainstream yet, are making a comeback in certain places.


Don’t Forget Footwear

You can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear - comfort, flare, fit, style - the reasons for choosing perfect wedding footwear are all around. Shoes have always had the misfortune of taking a backseat when it comes to wedding suit planning; but not anymore. Today’s couples are placing their shoes central in their attire selection, and well, we like it. Instead of choosing their shoes last, today’s wedding couples are selecting their shoes first and building the suit around them, which always make for a more enjoyable custom suits made in San Francisco. This gives them greater flexibility to work with their suit.


From Derby’s to wing tips, you can experiment with various styles. Colors are unlimited too, with tans, browns, and whites as good choices.

Every custom suit we make in San Francisco offers the opportunity for couples to have a one-of-a-kind suiting experience. Our brick-and-mortar, located in the heart of San Francisco, invites the full tailoring of wedding suits, everything from fabric down to the cut of vest. A custom tailored suit stands the test of time when thoughtful design, expertise, and passion is in the mix. Stop by our storefront to chat, browse fabrics, or cut into the cloth of a tailored suit.