How to order a perfect-fitting shirt online

Why is it so hard to buy a perfect-fitting shirt?

Buying conventionally sized shirts is convenient, but risky. Even getting them tailored requires a trip to a shop for each new garment.

What if you could order a shirt from a website and have it made perfectly to fit your body?

It shouldn’t be hard to buy the perfect, custom shirt. It should only take 2 steps.


1. Get Measured

Simply book an appointment to come in for a fitting. We’d be happy to accommodate you - and even happier to meet you. We’ll take your measurements and talk about your tastes.

If you’ve ever purchased from us in-shop before, you can skip this step.

2. Order Online

Once we’ve taken your measurements, we’ll create a custom profile in our database for you.. When you order a shirt on the site, we’ll simply refer to your profile in order to guarantee a perfect fit.

That’s honestly it. Make an appointment with us today, or go straight to ordering. We’ll make you the perfect shirt.