How to order a perfect-fitting shirt online

Why is it so hard to buy a perfect-fitting shirt?

Buying conventionally sized shirts is convenient, but risky. Even getting them tailored requires a trip to a shop for each new garment.

What if you could order a shirt from a website and have it made perfectly to fit your body?

It shouldn’t be hard to buy the perfect, custom shirt. It should only take 2 steps.


1. Get Measured

Simply book an appointment to come in for a fitting. We’d be happy to accommodate you - and even happier to meet you. We’ll take your measurements and talk about your tastes.

If you’ve ever purchased from us in-shop before, you can skip this step.


2. Order Online

Once we’ve taken your measurements, we’ll create a custom profile in our database for you.. When you order a shirt on the site, we’ll simply refer to your profile in order to guarantee a perfect fit.

That’s honestly it. Make an appointment with us today, or go straight to ordering. We’ll make you the perfect shirt.

Wearing a perfect fitting dress shirt should feel comfortable, effortless, and well, perfect. But as any tailor knows, it takes a good deal of effort to ensure that a bespoke dress shirt fits to your specific dimensions and taste profile. There are a number of factors to consider when putting together the perfect fitting dress shirt, with a few of the most important ones listed below.



First and foremost, before you can dive headfirst into designing your perfect fitting dress shirt, you will need to set up a fitting and measurement session at your local tailor or department store to get your current dimensions. It’s important to go beyond your standard height and weight, and go the extra mile to get the measures for your waist, hips, inner and outer seams, seat, shoulders, etc. so that the shirt will be optimized for comfort and style.



The variety of fabric for shirts has never been greater, as men’s styles have grown more adventurous and diverse over the past several years. The fabric you decide on will largely depend on the occasions, and seasons you plan to wear the shirt. From a tailored shirt to  custom wedding suits, fabrics provide yet another way to find and create one-of-a-kind tailoring. Some common, classic fabrics include:

  • Broadcloth, or poplin, which is tightly-woven and has minimal texture

  • Twill, known for its characteristic diagonal weave and soft feel. Herringbone is a popular variation of twill.

  • Pinpoint Oxford, or simply pinpoint, is a more “everyday” work shirt

  • Chambray, similar to broadcloth, but slightly more durable and comfortable

  • Royal Oxford, “fancy” cloth that tends to be on the shiny side

  • Linen, known for its more laid-back, comfortable feel


Elements of Style

Now for the fun part - selecting the elements of the shirt that will make it truly unique, and differentiated.

  • Collars, which can come in different spreads - how the collar sits around the neck, and styles - how the collar looks, including regular, eton, curved, tab, hidden, band, and button down

  • Cuffs, which can come with different number of buttons and types including square, angle, round, envelope, deep, and cutaway

  • Pockets, with different sizes and shapes including square, round, angle, or you can forego a pocket altogether

  • Shoulders/Back, choose between smooth, box pleat, inverted pleat, or western

  • Fronts, which are made distinct by how the buttons are displayed, including a pleated front, french front, pressed back, western, tux, and fly front that hides the buttons

  • Sleeves, which in the case of short sleeves can either be cuff, vent, or plain


Other important considerations to keep in mind when writing up the blueprint for the perfect fitting dress shirt are how it sits on your frame both tucked in and free, how the fabric feels against your skin, how the shirt fabric and elements of style will complement other clothing in your wardrobe, and of course, how much the shirt will carve into your wallet. Most bespoke tailor shops and websites worth their salt will include style guides and lookbooks that can help you visualize what different shirt designs and fabrics can look like in the real world. But if you’re the type of person who appreciates the tangible experience, of custom shirting or custom suits in San Francisco, visit our brick and mortar store to experience suit creation in a more personal way. Lastly, have fun mixing and matching, and don’t be afraid to color outside of the lines!