Tailored Women's Suits: A Guide to Creating Your Custom Suit Experience

There is something not just luxurious, but also nostalgic, that happens during the experience of your tailor-made suit. It brings us back to the days of artisan quality, craftsmanship and skill.  Time stands still as we reminisce about the art of hand sewn, bespoke, quality clothing. Nostalgia of a slower pace of life, where attention to detail, creativity and quality preside.

When we think about tailored suits we usually think about the experience being prevalent among men, however, changes in times and fashion means that more and more women are opting for sleek-cut suits over more traditional attire. And we’re all about this change.

Once you make the decision to add a tailored women’s suit to your wardrobe, your next step is to carefully select who to trust in creating it!


Women's Suiting Today

Sartorial trends for women have changed and the modern woman has, deservedly, taken her place in society and business. So too has the look that busy, modern women are looking for. The need for elegant, fashionable, yet comfortable clothing, has seen an increase in demand for quality tailored women’s suits. The fun begins in the design and detail, for example, do you want surrounded edge stitching?  What color of thread (seriously!) and lining? What style of lapels? What color and shape of buttons, cuffs, vents...?  Your tailor will guide you through every step, including your choice of material from the world’s best producers of the finest, natural materials available.

Black, blue and gray are still the top colors and, as they are both versatile and popular, they can suit any kind of occasion from a dinner with friends to a more formal meeting. However, those colors aren’t the limit. Run wild with the options of adding personality to your suit.

As a custom suit tailor in San Francisco, we know it takes time to get to know a client, what they are looking for, what best suits them, what they’re looking for in their custom suit. The relationship is built on trust – trust that the tailor can take your ideas and create an exclusive suit, just for you.



Women’s Custom Wedding Suits

The net has spread and women are now choosing custom women’s wedding suits as their attire.  The 21st century bride, in her tailored wedding suit, exudes elegance, grace and style. We’ve made a handful of them and have absolutely loved it. We’re incredibly lucky to be able to help navigate through material choices and style questions, to see an end product that truly encompasses the person wearing it. It’s a joy to to ensure the perfect fit and comfort, to help make a stressful day a little bit easier. There’s safety in the knowledge that the quality material that envelops you on such an important day was hand-sewn, made to measure for you and you alone.

Whatever the occasion, when your tailored suit is ready, the comfort and made-for-you fit will always be a reminder to you of why you took that step and made an appointment to consult with a tailor!