5 Places Where A Custom Suit Will Make You Stand Out

You don’t need to be loud or gaudy to turn heads. Here’s five places you’ll stand out just by having the best fit.


Every city feels small if you walk its streets enough. You never know who you’ll bump into on the street. Next time you cross paths with someone worth knowing, why not make sure you look ready for whatever opportunities they might be ready to offer you.


People tend to hang onto photos of their wedding for a very, very long time. Even if you aren’t in the wedding party, why not cement yourself in your friends’ family story as the person who was dressed very, very well at their wedding?


Sure, there’s the somewhat trite idea that if you dress better than everyone else you’ll be more likely to “get that promotion” or “close that deal”, but how about this angle: If you show up to work every day knowing you’re dressed your best, that confidence will permeate everything you do. You won’t get the promotion because you look good, you’ll get it because you’ll earn it.


Incorporating custom suiting into an outfit doesn’t always mean a full three-piece suit. You can dress it down and still look good. With a tailored look, you don’t even need to host the party to walk in feeling like Gatsby.


At the end of the day, we don’t dress well for the benefit of others, we do it to feel like ourselves. No matter if you’re in the middle of a crowded room or simply taking a stroll through the country, you deserve to wear an outfit that was made for you, not for a mannequin.

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