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Custom Shirting

At Tailor’s Keep, we operate with the knowledge that clothing is not simply a matter of practicality, it’s a mode for self-expression, and even more so, it has the power to change the way that you feel, both inside and out.

If you’ve ever worn a dress shirt from a department store rack, the feelings you’ve likely encountered are discomfort, annoyance, and self-consciousness. That’s because shirts from retail stores are not made with you in mind, and as a result, they do not fit the dimensions of your unique body. It’s no surprise that it’s not a recipe for feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes.

That’s part of the reason we decided to set up a shop that offers bespoke shirts in San Francisco: to give our customers an alternative to settling for clothes that are not made specifically for them. We believe that you are the best person to decide what will make you look and feel good. Yes, we know, it’s a radical concept.

Our role at Tailor’s Keep is simply to educate and guide you through the custom shirting process, so that you can take advantage of the entire world of custom dress shirt trends, styles, and materials at your disposal. And in the end, you can leave with a bespoke shirt created just for you.

The Process

If you’re new to the experience of ordering custom made dress shirts, you might expect that all of this personalization would require a complex, lengthy process, and you may even be tempted to quit while you’re ahead. But the truth is, the process is simple:

Step one: schedule a free measuring appointment at our brick and mortar store in San Francisco.

Step two: customize and order your favorite shirts in person or from our online store.

That’s it. Tailor’s Keep will keep a record of your measurements in our database so that any time you order a custom made dress shirt or a bespoke suits in San Francisco, you can rest assured it will be made to your exact dimensions. Think of all the time you’ll save not needing to get your new shirts altered, not to mention not having to try on dozens of different shirts in those lovely cramped department store fitting rooms.

The Tailor’s Job

Your next question may be: where does the tailor fit into all of this? I mean, there’s got to be more to it than running a measuring tape over someone’s inner and outer seams, right? Yes, there’s a lot more. Overall, a tailor’s job is to make his or her customers look and feel as amazing in their clothes as possible. But on a more tactical level, in addition to measuring, the a tailor must master the following skills:

  • Cutting fabric to match corresponding shirt designs

  • Making alterations by taking in seams, hemming pants, etc.

  • Sewing made-to-measure shirts and suits by hand

In addition to working directly with the clothing, tailors are also experts at recommending styles and fabrics according to the latest trends and classic looks.

The Trends

“So just what kinds of styles and fabrics are out there?” you might ask. “I mean, aren’t all dress shirts kind of the same?”

Not really.

You’d be surprised by how many different choices there are when it comes to everything from colors to fabrics to the design of the collar to the shape of your pockets. Here’s a short rundown of some of the classic and newer highlights in style:


The variety of fabric for shirts has never been greater, as men’s styles have grown more adventurous and diverse over the past several years. The fabric you decide on will largely depend on the occasions and seasons you plan to wear the shirt. From a tailored shirt to  custom wedding suits, fabrics provide yet another way to find and create one-of-a-kind tailoring. Some common, classic fabrics include:

  • Broadcloth, or poplin: tightly-woven, with minimal texture

  • Twill: known for its characteristic diagonal weave and soft feel. Herringbone is a popular variation of twill.

  • Pinpoint oxford, or simply pinpoint: a more “everyday” work shirt

  • Chambray: similar to broadcloth, but slightly more durable and comfortable

  • Royal oxford: “fancy” cloth that tends to be on the shiny side

  • Linen: known for its more laid-back, comfortable feel

Elements of Style

  • Collars: they can come in different spreads - how the collar sits around the neck, and styles - how the collar looks, including regular, eton, curved, tab, hidden, band, and button down

  • Cuffs: they can come with different number of buttons and types including square, angle, round, envelope, deep, and cutaway

  • Pockets: there are different sizes and shapes including square, round, angle, or you can forego a pocket altogether

  • Shoulders/back: choose between smooth, box pleat, inverted pleat, or western

  • Fronts: they are made distinct by how the buttons are displayed, including a pleated front, french front, pressed back, western, tux, and fly front that hides the buttons

  • Sleeves: in the case of short sleeves, they can either be cuff, vent, or plain

The Best Time for Custom Shirting

Anytime, of course!

No, but seriously, if you stop to think about it, now more than ever, the lines between work and leisure attire are blurring: bespoke shirts are no longer restricted to the realm of the corporate executives or investment bankers - they are bleeding into all types of professions. Hell, made to measure shirts are being worn outside of the office altogether because men and women are finding that if they invest in one fitted shirt (or two… or three...), they actually enjoy wearing what was once considered only “business” attire because it’s both comfortable and damn good looking.

And even if you’re still in the camp of “I’m only going to wear good-looking clothing for special occasions,” then Tailor’s Keep still has you covered (literally), whether it’s for a job interview you need to nail, a reunion, a go-to date night shirt, or a wedding.

Whatever your tailoring needs may be: scheduling a measuring appointment, advice on the latest available styles, shopping from a world-class selection of shirts, suits, luxury ties, and other accessories, Tailor’s Keep wants to be a part of making you look and feel your very best. We think that’s a job pretty well spent.